The Hula Hoop is back! Does it really reduce your waist?

caity hooping

I have a guilty confession to make.  I’m trying to lose weight and get back into shape, too.


Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost credibility, because I’m back in this situation.  Do I have excuses why I am?  Sure I do.

I had two surgeries that required I abstain from all exercise for a total of four months.  Then, once my doctor cleared me to return to exercise, I suffered minor injury after minor injury that kept me sidelined.

And I have to get real with myself; I went through a bit of a depression, because my surgeries weren’t quite the success I hoped they would be.

I reached a point where I knew I had to come back into alignment with my purpose and with myself.  That meant, I either had to put in the tough work of losing the weight and getting fit again, or I had to abandon coaching.

I really feel a person has to be able to walk the walk they’re talking unless there is a permanent physical reason why he or she can’t.

Pulling up my big girl panties

In future articles, I plan to dive deep into what I had to do to change my ever creeping weight gain around.  I’m happy to say I’m down seven pounds in ten weeks – just over half of the weight I gained since my first surgery started me down this spiral.

I got a good reminder of just how tough it is to beat cravings, stick to a plan and be patient with the process!

My biggest frustration is I always gain on my waist first, but lose it there last.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there can relate to that.

Not immune to looking for short-cuts

hula hoopsMy daughter listened to me complain about my waist one too many times.  Finally, she grabbed her hula hoop, waved it in my face and said, “If you want a thinner waist use this!  It worked for me.  How do you think I got my abs flat and created an hour-glass shape?  I used to be a two-by-four, just like you.”

Ouch.  Gotta love kids for being brutally honest with you, huh?

She’s right, though.  I’m a two-by-four and always have been.  My waist-to-hip ratio is 0.90.  To have that hour-glass, sexy shape, it needs to be 0.69.  However, she got my attention.

Could my ratio be changed?  Studies are finding that the waist-to-hip ratio is not really in our control.  Whatever the ratio is at 150 pounds is likely what it will be at 120 pounds.  That certainly has been the case for me.

How my daughter achieved success

My daughter has loved hula hooping since her early days of day care.  During the summer, she’d have contests with her friends to see who could hoop the longest.

A couple of years ago, when she didn’t have access to a regular gym class, she returned to her love of hooping as her only form of exercise.  She admits she did a crazy amount of hooping at first – as long as two hours per day!  She did that for a couple of months and then dropped down to 1 hour per day.  Now, she hoops at least 30 minutes, three times per week to maintain her shape.

I have to wonder how much of her success has been influenced by the fact she was still maturing while doing this much hooping.  Did that play a role in her ability to create her shape?

There’s only one way to find out.

Lori hoopingThe experiment

I’ll admit, I hoped we’d bring a new phenomenon to the world if we proved hooping could slim waistlines.  It turns out I’m a few years too late on that one.  A quick online search revealed hooping has been back in the limelight since 2009.

Fitness equipment manufacturers even make weighted hoops in varying sizes and weights so everyone can have a proper fit.  Some gyms now offer weighted hooping as a class and there are DVD’s for hooping routines.

Claims on hoop advertisements state it’s possible to lose 4 pounds per month and 2 inches from your waist from hooping at least 20 minutes per day.

Oh yeah?  Then let’s do this thing!

A fun exercise

I loved hooping when I was a little girl, too.  It took a bit to get back into the…swing…of it, but this is one exercise I can easily include in my day.  I keep the hoop near my work center.  Whenever I need a break or have a few moments, I grab the hoop and have some fun.

Hooping is like any other exercise.  It’s more fun to do it with a friend.  It’s more fun when you get better at it from practice.

After a couple of months of trading the hoop back and forth between us, I bought a new heavier hoop for me so we can hoop together at the same time.

Put on some favorite music and see how much you can move around and dance while keeping that hoop going!

Will it work?

I’m posting my starting measurements and waist-to-hip ratio so we can find out how well this works for me.  I plan to hula hoop 20 minutes per day for the next month.  I’ll report back on my progress.

  • Weight:  126.8
  • Natural thinnest point between bust and hips:  31
  • Around the belly button:  34
  • Midway between belly button and hips:  37
  • Hips at widest point:  38
  • Waist-to-hip ratio:  0.895

Want to know which size hoop is right for you? You can find out more in my most recent post here.

Your turn

Will you join me in my experiment?  Post your stats and game plan below!  If you have used hooping to slim you waist, please share your success story in the comments below.

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  1. Whilst I am not into weighted hoops, I do love hooping.

    If you are into using regular hoops, they can be used to tone arms muscles as well, and I have plenty of exercises that could help with that side of things.

    If you want some tips, let me know

    • Lori Stalter says:

      Mark! Good to see you.

      That’s right, I remember seeing some of your videos on youtube. I wonder if using a weighted hoop wouldn’t make your arm routines create lean muscle faster? I’m using a 5 lb hoop, so it would be like holding 2 1/2 lb weight in each hand while doing your routines.

      Hmmmmm. Me thinks it worthy of investigation and experimentation!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Tammy R says:

    Love the honesty in this post, Lori. Like CJ said, we’ve got some other plans, but I am very interested in following your progress. We are always trying to beef it up! Or maybe not beef it up! 😉

    • Lori Stalter says:

      I can’t even remember the last time I had beef. lol

      Thanks, Tammy! Will you be blogging about your adventures on the bosu?

      • Tammy R says:

        I am not sure about that! 😉 May be quite funny though! It would sound better with our name if we hoolah hooped. Hoombah hooping….darn!

        I can’t wait to hear how your experiment turns out!

        • Lori Stalter says:

          Hoombah’s Hooping Hooplah…

          I can’t decide if that would be a great name for a business, class or meetup event! But whatever it turned out to be, I’d have to check it out with such an exciting name. 😀

  3. cj says:

    Fantastic that you were able to take that comment from your daughter and turn it into hooping gold!!! What an excellent attitude. We would love to join you experiment, but we are going the Bosu/plank route. Have to admit, though, that hooping sounds like more fun;) Go Lori, go!!!

    • Lori Stalter says:

      My daughter is a pip, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. It’s fun transitioning more into a role of friendship with her as she wraps up becoming an adult. But even adults like to play with the curiosity of a child! 😉

      It’ll be fun to hear about your Bosu/plank journey!


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