Is losing weight as simple as scheduling it?

Schedule weight loss

Like most people, I’m a busy woman.  I work a full-time day job.  I raise two teens by myself.  I run a coaching business.  I need to do dishes, laundry, cook, take showers…

When is there time for eating right and exercising?

What are your priorities?

Sitting down and making a list of your priorities is a great way to start.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for time to exercise and cook wholesome meals or if it’s for some other new project or hobby.

The challenge remains the same.  Where are you going to find the time with everything else that you do in a day?

Don’t censor yourself while making your list.  Try not to judge each item either.  If there is a television show you refuse to miss, write it down.  As your plan takes shape, you can decide later if that show is more important than your new pursuit.

You also need to list items you must do as part of your normal daily routine.  These things include personal grooming, chores around the house, preparing to go to work, commuting, being at your job, any other clubs or groups you belong to, etc.

Arranging your day

Daily Schedule weight lossNow that you have an idea what you’d like to do with your day, it’s time to fit the pieces together like a puzzle.

Go through your list and jot down how much time each item takes.  Rough estimates are fine.  As you live your new schedule, you can make changes.

Certain items on your list have obvious time slots; commuting, work, sleeping (you did include sleep on your list, right?).  Fill in the obvious stuff first.  I like using Google Calendar to create these time blocks, but use whatever works for you.  Pen and paper work great, too.

If your schedule is filling up fast, you might be tempted to cut back on your sleeping hours.  Don’t do it!  Sleep is a huge component to living healthy and losing weight.  Keep at least seven hours in your schedule if eight seems impossible.

Making weight loss fit in your day

So what do you need to schedule into your day so weight loss happens?

exercise timeThat depends on your game plan.

  • Are you planning to eat less of your current meals and exercise more?
  • Are you planning to change some of your current meals?
  • Are you planning a complete daily menu overhaul?
  • Are you hoping to continue eating how you have been and lose weight through exercise alone?

Create a game plan and do some research.  If you plan to eat differently, hunt for new recipes.  If you plan to try a new exercise, find out what equipment you need and how long you should do it for effectiveness.  Decide what time to exercise even if it means something else needs to take a back seat for a while.

cooking timeGetting past the learning curve

At first, things are going feel awkward no matter which game plan you choose.  Cooking might take longer if you’re making new recipes.  Writing your grocery list will take more time and so will shopping, because you have to hunt for ingredients you don’t normally buy.

Ease stress by adding more time to prep meals and for grocery shopping.

Taking your new schedule for a test spin

Rarely will your first schedule work for you.  That’s okay.  Make changes as you discover what works and what doesn’t.

You might resist making changes or force your schedule to work as written.  When I made my first schedule, I wanted to wake up at 5 a.m. every day and I planned to hula-hoop at 9 p.m. at night.

After three weeks of failing to force my schedule to happen as planned, I got honest with myself.  5 a.m. was not happening for a wake up time, but 5:45 a.m. works great.  I moved hula hooping from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. and now I get it done more often than I was before.  It meant removing some things and rearranging others, but I had to set priorities that work and that meant cutting back.

“I don’t have time” is just an excuse

Making TimeEverybody gets the same 24-hour day.  You might be tempted to say others are doing things you aren’t, because they don’t have your schedule.  But who created your schedule?  If you feel like others created it for you, who gave them that power?  You did.  Or you made choices without really thinking about how they affected everything else you’d like to do, and your schedule just sorta happened on its own.

Either way, taking time to list your priorities and creating a schedule around them is the best way to take control of your day so weight loss happens.

Before I created my first schedule, I allowed my day job and my business to consume almost every waking hour.  For six months, I did no exercise and cooked less and less.  Papa John’s Pizza loved my household, because we were ordering as many as three times per week.

My weight kept creeping up.  I made half-hearted attempts to turn things around.   I’d lose a few pounds, but because I didn’t make it priority and didn’t schedule it to happen, I found myself back at square one with eating out and doing no exercise.

After I listed my priorities and scheduled them, I got past the first few pounds lost and kept going!

Your turn

Do you agree that weight loss will happen if you simply take time to schedule it into your day?  Please share in the comments below!

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  1. cj says:

    Freakin’ cool article, Lori! Yes, it was for us. The alarm goes off at 5:30 and we are are a walk by 6:00 every day without fail. Holidays, birthdays, no matter. Once in a great while weather gets in the way, but that is all. It has made all the difference.

    • Lori Stalter says:

      Thanks, CJ! I meant to improve the images before the post went live, but I clearly forgot to schedule it! lol

      You and Tammy are awesome role models! I need to take another look at my schedule. I’d like to get outdoors more often now that my kids are almost done with school. Yippee!

      Keep up the passion!

      • cj says:

        Thanks Lori! We are simply doing what works for us;) And will do with the passion.