Exercise or stay in bed? How about both!

Bed Yoga Fun

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We made it past Winter Solstice which makes me extremely happy. Winter is a rough time of year for me with its short days and dark cold mornings.

It’s tough throwing back the covers and getting out of bed knowing a cold room awaits me.

New Year’s resolutions or no resolutions, if there’s any time of year my exercise routine is going to suffer, it’s now.

And let’s just say I wasn’t immune to overeating holiday goodies between Thanksgiving and New Year’s this past year, so I need that exercise to lose the five pounds I gained.

Finding a compromise

I wished there was a way I could both stay in bed and exercise. I’m happy to say I found a way to do both!

I call it Bed Yoga Fun. It’s a wonderful 20 minute routine I put together which can be done right on your bed if you choose.

It gets the blood flowing, gives you a good morning stretch and enables you to set your intention for the day.

This routine is also great for people who enjoy yoga but find the floor too uncomfortable. It’s a gentle routine and great for beginners, too.

With that said, I couldn’t keep the routine all to myself so I recorded it and uploaded it to youtube to share with everybody.

Check it out and give it a try! I’d love your feedback on it and if you like it, please share it with your friends and loved ones.

Namaste. 🙂

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