Meet Lori Stalter

Doing ResearchLori Stalter is a Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Coach, Sport Yoga Instructor and student of Holistic Meditation.

After 20+ years of researching nutrition and successfully maintaining her weight in a healthy range, 6+ years of practicing yoga and close to 3 three years studying mindfulness and meditation, she’s focussed on what she loves most: Helping women reach their goals and dreams of stress reduction, ideal weight, healthy eating and toned physique.

You’ll find that her approach to creating a healthy weight, lean muscle mass, and stress relief is effective. She goes beyond the typical science of calories in / calories out by taking a whole mind, body, spirit approach to wellness. She gets to know her clients so they beat cravings, transform eating habits, improve sleep, increase energy, reduce stress and anxiety to rediscover the adventure in life.

To find out more about what Lori has to offer, all you have to do is sign up for her newsletter. She’s committed to giving you the tools you need to succeed, too.